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Call Wishful Tinting for the perfect tint job.

Wishful Tinting - window tinting professionals, vehicles and buildings.
When you have your vehicles windows tinted by Wishful Tinting you can be assured of the perfect tint job.
Our films are covered by a full manufacturers Lifetime warranty. Tests have shown that High Performance window films can reduce cabin temperatures dramatically, which increases driver comfort and safety. In the case of accidents window film also helps hold shattered glass together, helping to prevent lacerations and eye injuries from flying glass.
The advantages of window tinting are numerous. With skyrocketing temperatures, count on window tinting products which block crucial amounts of heat...and:-

  • Improves Appearance...Wishful Tinting's professional finish looks superb.
  • Optically Clear...as clear as the original glass.
  • Lifetime Guarantee...only with Wishful Tinting professional application.
  • Protects Against UV Rays... Tests by the Skin Cancer Research Foundation (SA) Inc. prove that High Performance window tint blocks out more than 99% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation, so don't delay get Wishful Tinting to-day!
  • Reduces Glare...cuts down glare from the sun and lights at night.
  • Reduces Heat...keeps your vehicle cooler on sunny days.
  • Increases Privacy...ideal for women driving alone at night.
  • Improves Security...difficult for thieves to look into your car at night

We are a well respected window tinting service due to our dedication to client satisfaction. Why wait hours at a window tinting shop when we can bring all of our tinting expertise straight to you! A selection of first class window films will be presented to you by a professional tint technician. Our broad window tinting selection will afford you the flexibility to choose what you want. With the help of our experienced window tinting professional.
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Providing window tinting solutions for over 20yrs. We provide the necessary advice and options to find the right solution for your needs which is both affordable and effective.

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